This special issue of U.Porto Journal of Engineering aims to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the creation of the specialization in Territorial Planning (1972-2022), in the Civil Engineering Department of the Faculty of Engineering - University of Porto. To disseminate this celebration, some original research articles were prepared, visioning not only the historical activity of Spatial Planning Education but also the current challenges facing the articulation between student training and research. The articles are a sample of representative research of themes currently developed in the field of Spatial Planning at FEUP.

The special issue has been structured in two sections. The first section concerns (i) The history of Planning Education in FEUP; (ii) Planning thoughts: The evolution of themes and methodologies in FEUP’s dissertations; (iii) and the development of Spatial Planning at FEUP: from education to research. The second section is mainly aimed at reflecting on (i) Spatial Planning and Climate Transition; (ii) Transformative and Inclusive Urban Policies; (iii) Mobility, Accessibility and Transport Planning; (iv) and Digital Technology in Spatial Planning.

Guest Editors:

Fernando Brandão Alves
Isabel Breda Vázquez
Paulo Pinho
Paulo Conceição

Published: 2023-02-14


Fernando Brandão Alves, Isabel Breda Vázquez, Paulo Pinho, Paulo Conceição


Reflexions on an ENVI-met operation-methodology case study

Philipp Allegro Barnstorf, Fernando Brandão Alves, Clara Pimenta do Vale


Planning Thoughts – The evolution of themes in Master Dissertations and Doctoral Theses in the field of specialisation in Spatial Planning, FEUP

Paulo Conceição, Isabel Breda Vázquez, Fernando Brandão Alves, Ana Rita Sousa, Jorge Afonso Rios, Daniel Sampaio Tavares


The Challenges in Understanding Urban Identity

Hasan Mahmoud Mansour, Fernando Brandão Alves, António Ricardo da Costa


Exploring the 15-minutes city: the metropolitan context of Oporto

Cecília Silva, Marcelo Altieri, João Filipe Teixeira