Published: 2022-11-28

Infrared Lock-in Thermography Tests with Optical Feedback

António Ramos Silva, Mário Vaz, Sofia Leite, Joaquim Mendes


Raised Floor Systems with Ceramic Tiles

Resistance to Concentrated Vertical Loads

Guilherme Farias Idalêncio, Djeisa Pasini, Elídio Angioletto, Augusto Wanderlind, Jorge Henrique Piva, Elaine Guglielmi Pavei Antunes


Effects of Glass and Steel Fibers on Fresh and Hardened Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete

Bhavin G. Patel, Siddharth G. Shah, Vikunj K. Tilva, Rajan Lad


Understanding the Trends in Welding of Copper and Steel

Pabitra Maji, R. K. Bhogendro Meitei, Subrata Kumar Ghosh


Modelling and Validation of the Axial Strain Distribution in WS2 Flakes at WS2/Epoxy/PMMA Nanocomposite under Axial Load

Tatyana Petrova, Elisaveta Kirilova, Rayka Vladova, Boyan Boyadjiev, Wilfried Becker, Petia Dineva-Vladikova


PMMA Lens Arrays for Micro Concentrator Solar Cells Produced by Hot Embossing

Bruno Oliveira, Marcionilo Júnior, R. F. Santos, E. W. Sequeiros


Advanced Perspective on Human Detection system with Hybrid Feature Set

Manikanda Prabu Nallasivam, Vijayachitra Senniappan


The Vane Angle Influence on the Flow Pattern around a Circular Pier

Tahseen Ali Jabbar, Rafi M. Qasim, Bassam A. Mohammed


Techno-Economical Planning of an Off-Grid Integrated Renewable Energy System

Akanksha Sharma, H. P Singh, Rajkumar Viral, Naqui Anwer