Product Engineering is a crucial competence for a modern engineer. The jobs in the Chemical Engineering sector have been evolving from commodities production to product development. So, the universities changed the curricula of Chemical Engineering to keep up with industry needs. Product development is particularly relevant in Portugal, where Small to Medium companies dominate the industrial sector, both in terms of number and job creation.
More than a decade ago, in 2009, the Master in Chemical Engineering Programme at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP) started a course on Product Engineering. Prof. Alírio E. Rodrigues initially introduced this course based on the methodology of Cussler and Mogridge (2001, 2011). A detailed analysis of the implementation of Product Engineering in Chemical Engineering curricula was later published by Rodrigues and Cussler (2016).

In a nutshell, the chemical product development methodology lays in four cornerstones:

  1. Identification of market NEEDS;
  2. Coming up with several technical solutions to meet those NEEDS (IDEAS);
  3. The process of screening a small set of the best IDEAS (SELECTION);
  4. The study of implementation of the IDEAS, considering aspect as time to market, industrial processes design, regulation, Intelectual Property protection and economic analysis (MANUFACTURE).

Published: 2022-09-27


Cláudia Gomes da Silva, Ricardo Santos


Valorization of Ellagic Acid from Chestnut Shell as a Natural Anti-anxiety Food Supplement

Joana Vasconcelos Neto, Carla A. Batista, Beatriz Moreira Franco, Susana Dinis, Joana Teixeira, Yaidelin A. Manrique



A Vegan Gummy Bear to Inhibit Halitosis Using Carnosic Acid Extracted from Rosemary

Alice Bessa, Anita Barbosa, João Costa, Julia Matysik, Mara Alves, Mariana Marques, Yaidelin Manrique


Anti-photoaging Cream using a Quercus Suber Extract

Adriana Oliveira, Alexandra Silva, Catarina Neves, Francisca Leal, Inês Pinho, Maria Ana Silva, Yaidelin A. Manrique


Antibacterial Finishing of Cotton Bed Sheets using Olive Leaves Extract

Ana Margarida Baptista, Beata Shymon, Beatriz Cambão Silva, Catarina Cunha Lopes, Marta Pereira, Sofia Brandão, Yaidelin A. Manrique


Chemical Product Design of a Sports Performance T-shirt using Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil

Eva S. M. Lora, Flávio M. A. Vieira, Inês A. Costa, M. Helena C. Teixeira, Matilde P. Albano, Yaidelin A. Manrique


Design Process and Economic Evaluation of an Innovative Healing Plaster in Gel made from Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil

Ana Rita Querido, Igor Rafael Brandão, Paulo Henrique Marrocos, Renata Araújo Loyola, Yara Bastos, Yaidelin Manrique


Valorisation of Kiwifruit Residues and their Application in an Anti-ageing Facial Cream

Ana P. S. C. Teixeira, Bruna F. M. Coutinho, Joana C. Cancela, Laura J. R. Cullen, Margarida S. C. A. Brito



Chemical Product Design of a Mouthwash for Periodontal Disease Treatment using Quercitrin extracted from Kiwi Branches

Ana Margarida Ferreira, Daniela Oliveira, Leonor R. Barroca, Margarida Peixoto, Isabel Martins


Cellulose Flame-retardant Film using Lettuce Residue as Raw Material

João Câmara, Sofia S. F. Santos, Filip Delden, David Aparício, Isabel Martins


Product Development of an Animal Shampoo from Lettuce Waste

Ana Catarina Rebelo, Diana Campinho, Guilherme Amaral, Gonçalo Pereira, Rui Matias, Ana F. Freitas


Strawberry Leaves Extract for Cosmetic Industry

Ana Paula Silva, Bruno Rodrigues, Léandra Bonny, Yaidelin Manrique



Developing an Anti-Glycemic Gelatin

David Aguillar, Juliana C. Magalhães, Marta R. F. A. Sousa , Marta R. R. Rêgo, Vasco F. M. Ribeiro, Ana F. Freitas



Development Study of a Liquid Sweetener derived from Hemicellulose of Tomato Agricultural Wastes

Filipa Carvalho, Francisca Duarte, Laura Pedreiras, Vanessa Posada, Margarida S. C. A. Brito