Surface pathology on the walls of limestone and mortar masonry

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José Maria Carvalho Belo Ximenes
Carlos Manuel de Jesus
José Aguiar


The principles of this work are the study of masonry materials with a view to the conservation and rehabilitation of buildings. It is important to preserve and care for the historical heritage. Development and associated innovation require knowledge of the physical and mechanical characteristics of materials.
Situational causes of pathologies found in stone masonry can be identified by the photographs presented, showing a horizontal cracking due to physical natural actions, temperature variations and the presence of water.
The main causes of pathological changes are air pollution, but the water and the temperature also play a very important role in the development of the deterioration.
The test results are essential to obtain the quality and durability of the materials of the limestone and mortar to prevent damage the water in the environment with the incorporation of paint with good quality.


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