Roadway and Traffic Attributes Influencing Occupancy Time of Minor-Road Right-Turning Vehicles at Urban Uncontrolled Intersections

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Ramesh Babu Kota
Arpan Mehar


The performance of uncontrolled intersection is usually measured based on delay of the least priority movement. Perhaps, most of the studies assumed single stage crossing and had to overlook additional factors for estimating occupancy time. The present study examines occupancy time under two-stage crossing under the influence of roadway and traffic attributes. Field data for this study are collected at five different isolated intersections. The analysis of field data is performed by observing the movements of individual vehicles from the minor road approach by considering various factors affecting it under mixed traffic conditions. And it was observed that Two-wheelers are tended to encroach into smaller gaps in between the vehicles due to its physical dimension and easy maneuvering followed by threewheelers. The occupancy time is observed had strong correlation with conflicting area, conflicting flow the proportion of U-turning major road traffic, vehicle dimension, and the increase of median width.


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