Security and Energy Consumption Considerations of Electric Vehicles Integration in Smart Grids

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Shahab Sabzi
Laszlo Vajta


Over the past years, electric vehicles (EVs) have attracted great attention worldwide. Using EVs helps reduce CO2 emissions and the use of fossil fuels and motivates the nations toward a more sustainable future where the consumed energy matters. EVs are the main part of E-mobility; therefore, the EV integration problem is very important. This paper discusses the importance of EV integration in smart grids, and challenges toward the electrification of future cars are investigated. The two main categories for challenges are security and utility-related challenges. Security challenges deal with the communication means in the e-mobility, while grid-related challenges correspond to the energy that must be supplied and delivered to the vehicles. Security challenges come from the devastating actions from outside threats such as hacks, but the grid-related challenges come from the system's nature and can be dealt with using physical and software-based methods. While the challenges of security and grid are investigated, since our future work focuses on energy and cost optimization, the solution of grid-related challenges will be covered.


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