Investigation of Adhesion Behaviour of Different Underlayered DLC Coated Cold Forming Tool Steel

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Noemi Laszlo


Mono- and multilayer coatings can be suitable alternatives to traditional bulk materials due to their favorable mechanical properties. Thanks to the ever-evolving coating technology and process, there are a wide variety of coating types today, such as soft, hard, or super-hard coatings that can be made with single or multilayer coatings.

Adhesion and damage to coatings is especially important for coated tools, where damage to the coating can reduce tool life and result in deterioration of the surface quality of the product. The coatings were characterized by Calotest layer thickness measurement, AFM assisted roughness measurement and microhardness test. The adhesion test of the different underlayered (TiBN, CrN and TiAlN) DLC coated Böhler K100 forming tool steel is designed with the Mercedes test (Rockwell C Adhesion Test), which is frequently used to classify the layers, and is complemented by instrumented scratch test.


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Noemi Laszlo, Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research

Department of Industrial Materials Technology

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