Transmedia Storytelling as a Potential Employer Branding Strategy Participatory Culture and Recruitment

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Filipa Roxo


This article analyses talent attraction and recruitment processes considering the theory of convergence culture and its concepts of participatory culture, collective intelligence and transmedia storytelling. The aim is to understand the potential of transmedia storytelling in the recruitment process, in line with the technological and social changes of the world. A more detailed example of a Heineken campaign using transmedia storytelling is described, exploring how it could be seen as a way of attracting candidates and promoting the image of the company as an employer. We conclude that transmedia storytelling allows organizations to get closer to their target audiences by employing a synergetic process susceptible to influence the image of organizations and the way candidates interact and share information about organizations, choosing their level of involvement.


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Filipa Roxo, Universidade do Porto

Programa Doutoral em Media Digitais

Faculdade de Engenharia

Universidade do Porto

Rua Dr. Roberto Frias

4200-465 PORTO