The Recognition of Brazilian Baiano and Gaucho Regional Dialects on Twitter Using Text Mining

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Maria Fernanda Alvares Travassos de Avelino Novaes


The internet has broken geographical barriers and brought people and cultures closer independent to their physical location. However, the language, idiom, dialects and accents continue to characterize individuals in their origins. The Brazilian regional dialect is the object of study of this research, which deals with linguistic corpora analyzed from a volume of data extracted on Twitter. This paper presents the results of the mining phase that makes up a first stage of the project to create a technique for recognizing the Brazilian Portuguese regional dialects. Analysis and conclusions were be made only for the baiano and gaucho dialects, considering the significant size of the samples and the need to reach a diagnosis of the collect data set.


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Maria Fernanda Alvares Travassos de Avelino Novaes, Universidade do Porto

Mestrado em Ciência da Informação

Faculdade de Engenharia

Universidade do Porto

Rua Dr. Roberto Frias

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