Decentralized Voltage Regulation in radial Medium Voltage Networks with high presence of Distributed Generation

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Konstantinos Kotsalos


The continuous growth of distributed generation along the medium voltage distribution networks (MVDN) induces multifaceted technical challenges that have to be addressed by alternative control architecture schemes beyond the centralized strategies and the fit and forget doctrine. The active participation of DG essentially drives the network to pave towards the Smart Grid concept. This paper entails a decentralized control strategy which is based on a sensitivity analysis to stipulate the proper dispatch set-points for the DGs; hence, all nodal voltages are in permissible bounds. An overview of sensitivity approaches is presented and discussed for their adequacy to be used in MVDN. The proposed method is simulated on a 13- Node Test Feeder IEEE benchmark, while its consistency is compared with a centralized scheme.


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Konstantinos Kotsalos, Universidade do Porto; Efacec Energia S.A.

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