Cognitive Working Performance in Moderate Cold Thermal Environment: a systematic review

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Tomi Zlatar


Presence of cold thermal environment represents significant risk factors high latitudes, during winter seasons and in a large number of industrial activities, influencing the cognitive working performance. The aim of this work is to contribute with a systematic review on cognitive working performance in moderate cold thermal environment, by classifying different studies conducted in that area. By using appropriate keywords and searching electronic databases, a systematic review of English articles has been conducted. Only articles related to cognitive working performance in moderate cold thermal environment were included. Nine experimental articles were included. The number of participants varied from 6 to 22 subjects. The findings of this systematic review indicate that moderate cold environment influence the cognitive performance by decreasing working performance, reaction time, executive function and attention and it remain decreased for some time after cold exposure, even when the core and skin temperature get stabilized.


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Tomi Zlatar, Universidade do Porto

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