Study and overview on WBAN under IEEE 802.15.6

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John Harrison Kurunathan


WBAN (wireless body area networks) is an upcoming technology which stands to be a base for wearable and implantable sensors. The IEEE 802.15.6 formulates the physical and medium access for body area networks. The Body area networks can be implemented in several applications like health monitoring, ambient living environments and consumer electronics. This paper gives a clear overview about the functions of WBAN. The medium access layers and the physical layers of IEEE 802.15.6 are deeply examined and studied in this work. The access mechanisms of the protocol are explained in this paper. A clear literature review has also been stated to know the current state of art of this technology. The future possibilities and area to be explored also has been defined in this work.


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John Harrison Kurunathan, Universidade do Porto

Departamento de Engenharia Eletrotécnica e de Computadores
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Universidade do Porto
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