Nanostructured Tin-based Alloys Composites using Deep Eutectic Solvents as Electrolytes

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Ana T. S. C. Brandão
Renata Costa
A. Fernando Silva
Carlos M. Pereira


Metal and alloys electrodeposition from aqueous electrolytes is restricted due to the narrow electrochemical window and hydrogen evolution. To overcome these disadvantages, over the past years, ionic liquids (ILs) and deep eutectic solvents (DES) based on choline chloride have been successfully applied for the electrodeposition of different metals.
Tin (Sn) layers applied to automotive or decorative plating are thought of as ecological alternatives to exchange lead and nickel/chromium coatings. Over the past few years, the attention drawn by metallic alloys and composites, namely Sn alloys (nickel, indium, copper, zinc…) and Sn-carbon materials composites, has increased due to the possibility of applying these materials as anodes for lithium-ion batteries.
This review will highlight the leading research regarding the electrodeposition of Sn and several alloys and carbon composites, emphasizing the morphological changes of the alloy combinations using DESs as electrolytes.


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