Colorimetry-based System for Gaseous Carbon Dioxide Detection Membrane Optimization

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J. P. Mendes
L. Coelho
C. M. Pereira
P. A. S. Jorge


The study of sensing materials to the detection of carbon dioxide (CO2) was achieved using p-nitrophenol (pNPh) as a colorimetric indicator. The sensing material was polymerized (NPLn), functionalized with 3-triethoxysilyl propyl isocyanate (IPTES) which sensitivity was tested in the form of a membrane as is and encapsulated in hollow silica nanoparticles. The sensing membranes were tested in a closed gas system comprising very precise flow controllers to deliver different concentrations of CO2 (vs. N2). The combination of the sensing membranes with multimode optical fibers and a dual-wavelength diode (LED) allows the measurement of the CO2 through the analysis of the induced absorbance changes with a self-referenced ratiometric scheme. The analysis of the sensing materials have shown significant changes in their chemical and physical properties and the results attest these materials with a strong potential for assessing CO2 dynamics in environmental, medical, and industrial applications.


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