Solar Photovoltaic Assistance System Study for a Brazilian Light Rail Vehicle

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Mariko de Almeida Carneiro
Diogo da Fonseca Soares


Recently, much research is being developed to improve sustainability in the transportation sector due to its impact on carbon dioxide (CO2) production, climate change, and fossil fuel resources. Railways in the world have started to use solar power assistance to improve sustainability in the transportation sector. The Brazilian Company of Urban Trains operates a Brazilian Light Rail Vehicle (BLRV) for passenger transportation in Brazil. This article is a study on the potential of environmental and economic benefits of the installation of solar panels in the BLRV roof, operated in the urban metropolitan area of João Pessoa, to provide assistance on electric load. The results show that the installation of photovoltaic system in the roofs of the total fleet of BLRVs operated in João Pessoa railway can save about R$ 800,000.00 and reduce the emission of 540 tons of CO2 in 10 years.


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