Environmental Education and Sustainable Consumption Teachers’ Concepts and Practices

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Hérica Maria Saraiva Melo
Denis Barros de Carvalho
Dayanne Batista Sampaio


The present study aimed to characterize teachers' environmental education practices and the possibilities of applying the theme "consumption" in several subjects. In-depth interviews were conducted with 18 teachers from a technical school linked to the University Federal of Piauí. The results, interpreted through qualitative content analysis, show that the environmental education insertion (subjects with environmental contents or interdisciplinarity) or absence of such practices (overvaluation of subject contents or insufficient knowledge). It is verified that “consumption” in the teaching practice as a transversal theme occurs with emphasis on economic aspects or aiming to reduce environmental impacts. The absence of the theme in teaching practice occurs due to ignorance of means to apply it or due to the lack of knowledge in the extent of the environmental issue. It was highlighted the need for continuing teacher education and public policies that invest in teacher education.


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