Multi-Factor Authentication and Fingerprint-based Debit Card System

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Mubarak Adetunji Ojewale
Patrick Meumeu Yomsi


One thing can be said to be common to all forms of debit card fraud – authentication bypass. This implies that a secure debit card transaction system can only be guaranteed by a safe and reliable authentication system. Many approaches have been adopted to ensure a secure authentication system, but often, these approaches are either focused on the Automated Teller Machines (ATM)/Point of Sales (POS) terminals or Online/e-commerce transactions, thus not providing full security on both fronts. In this work, we address this problem by adopting a multi-factor debit card system that uses a combination of the traditional Personal Identification Number code (PIN) and the mobile-phone delivered One-Time Password (OTP) with a biometric authentication option (fingerprint). We demonstrate that this approach ensures the security of both online and terminal transactions. The fingerprint option makes it easy to use by people who find memorizing PINs difficult.


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