Analysis and Design of a Speed Controller for Switched Reluctance Motor Drive

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Manuel Pereira
Rui Esteves Araújo


This paper presents a high precision speed control of the reluctance machine for electric drive applications. To get high resolution speed control, it is developed a cascade control algorithm based on linear control technique. The controller was designed using the Root Locus Methodology and has been implemented on a numerical simulation platform. It is shown that Root Locus Methodology design is a viable approach, and that various problems associated with the structural torque ripple of the electric motor can be solved. An important aspect of this work is the role played by model linearization in testing the sensitivity of the controller performance to specific parameter changes. The controller was implemented in a simulated non-linear switched reluctance motor model in order to evaluate their performances. Simulations results show that the high-performance control for Switched Reluctance Motor has been achieved.


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