Wearable Sensors Based Remote Patient Monitoring using IoT and Data Analytics

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Jatin Arora
Patrick Meumeu Yomsi


Quality of life is reducing due to numerous reasons such as poor eating habits, tobacco consumption, sedentary lifestyle and stress which all taken together to lead to several and sometimes serious health problems. The scenario becomes worse in rural areas due to the limited availability of clinical facilities. Here, people have to visit hospitals, specialist doctors in cities for proper treatment and this results in waste of time, money and resources. To mitigate such problems, wearable sensors based remote patient monitoring system using IoT and data analytics has been proposed. The proposed system is specifically aimed for cardiovascular diseases and can be used to monitor the health condition of a patient even when he is at home, on the farm or any other place. The system also incorporates data analytics for the monitoring of the historical and current status of the patient’s health. The system is implemented using low-cost and compact components such as Arduino Nano, ESP8266, MAX30100, DSB1820 etc.


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