Planning Tools and Policies under Neoliberal Politics for Urban Renewal Other Stories

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Silvia Maria Caser Spolaor


This paper provides a literature review on planning tools and policies available for urban transformation in cities from the Global South – ‘other stories’ – with common economic contexts that suited neoliberal regeneration strategies. It calls for a perspective on comparative urbanism since it is essential to look for case studies focused outside the Anglophone core in order to contribute for a postcolonial agenda. The method used for case studies choices was based on scientific platforms research using relevant keywords to produce a critical review. The results point out that the urban renewal processes analyzed have generated similar outcomes on urban and social realms such as displacement, social inequalities, deprivation of rights and physical changes of the urban environment as they are part of city’s reclaim for business, middle-class and market forces based on state-led and policy-driven approaches.


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