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Vol 5 No 1 (2019)

Published: 2019-04-26

Two Neighbourhood-based Approaches for the Set Covering Problem

Eduardo Meca Castro


The Set Covering Problem is a well-known NP-complete problem which we address in this work. Due to its combinatorial nature heuristic methods, namely neighbourhood-based meta-heuristics, were used.
Based on the well-known algorithms GRASP, Simulated Annealing and Variable Neighbourhood Descend, along with a constructive heuristic based on a dynamic dispatching rule to generate initial feasible solutions, two approaches to the problem were formulated. The performance of both methods was assessed in 42 instances of the problem. Our best approach has an average deviation from the best-known solution of 0.23% and reached 0% for 26 instances under 40 minutes.

Planning Tools and Policies under Neoliberal Politics for Urban Renewal

Other Stories

Silvia Maria Caser Spolaor


This paper provides a literature review on planning tools and policies available for urban transformation in cities from the Global South – ‘other stories’ – with common economic contexts that suited neoliberal regeneration strategies. It calls for a perspective on comparative urbanism since it is essential to look for case studies focused outside the Anglophone core in order to contribute for a postcolonial agenda. The method used for case studies choices was based on scientific platforms research using relevant keywords to produce a critical review. The results point out that the urban renewal processes analyzed have generated similar outcomes on urban and social realms such as displacement, social inequalities, deprivation of rights and physical changes of the urban environment as they are part of city’s reclaim for business, middle-class and market forces based on state-led and policy-driven approaches.

Wearable Sensors Based Remote Patient Monitoring using IoT and Data Analytics

Jatin Arora, Patrick Meumeu Yomsi


Quality of life is reducing due to numerous reasons such as poor eating habits, tobacco consumption, sedentary lifestyle and stress which all taken together to lead to several and sometimes serious health problems. The scenario becomes worse in rural areas due to the limited availability of clinical facilities. Here, people have to visit hospitals, specialist doctors in cities for proper treatment and this results in waste of time, money and resources. To mitigate such problems, wearable sensors based remote patient monitoring system using IoT and data analytics has been proposed. The proposed system is specifically aimed for cardiovascular diseases and can be used to monitor the health condition of a patient even when he is at home, on the farm or any other place. The system also incorporates data analytics for the monitoring of the historical and current status of the patient’s health. The system is implemented using low-cost and compact components such as Arduino Nano, ESP8266, MAX30100, DSB1820 etc.

Analysis and Design of a Speed Controller for Switched Reluctance Motor Drive

Manuel Pereira


This paper presents a high precision speed control of the reluctance machine for electric drive applications. To get high resolution speed control, it is developed a cascade control algorithm based on linear control technique. The controller was designed using the Root Locus Methodology and has been implemented on a numerical simulation platform. It is shown that Root Locus Methodology design is a viable approach, and that various problems associated with the structural torque ripple of the electric motor can be solved. An important aspect of this work is the role played by model linearization in testing the sensitivity of the controller performance to specific parameter changes. The controller was implemented in a simulated non-linear switched reluctance motor model in order to evaluate their performances. Simulations results show that the high-performance control for Switched Reluctance Motor has been achieved.

Multiprocessor Scheduling meets the Industrial Wireless

A Brief Review

Miguel Gutiérrez-Gaitán, Patrick Meumeu Yomsi


This survey covers schedulability analysis approaches that have been recently proposed for multi-hop and multi-channel wireless sensor and actuator networks in the industrial control process domain. It reviews results with a focus on WirelessHART-like networks. The paper address the mapping of multi-channel transmission scheduling to multiprocessor scheduling theory, and recognize it as the key aspect of the research direction covered by this survey. It also provides a taxonomy of the existing approaches concerning this direction, and discuss its main features and evolution. The survey identifies open issues, key research challenges, and future directions.

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