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Vol. 8 No. 2 (2022)

Published: 2022-04-28

A Strategy to Apply DNS in a Supersonic Ejector

Karla Gonçalves Jacinto, Szabolcs Varga, Carlos Silva


Impact of Cyber-Attacks on Economy of Smart Grid and their Prevention

Soumya Mudgal, Saurabh Pranjale, Tharun Balaji, Syed Aamir Ahmed Ahmed, Neeraj Kumar Singh, Praveen Kumar Gupta, Vasundhara Mahajan


Shear Reinforcement with Glass Fibre Polymer in Reinforced Concrete Beams

Sabrina Lopes Arcenego, Sarah Lodeti Pessi, Augusto Wanderlind, Jorge Henrique PIVA, Elaine Guglielmi Pavei Antunes


Some Studies on Verifying the Applicability of Free Vibration-based Modes Shapes Method to Rectangular Shaped Cracks in a Cantilever Beam

V. Khalkar, S. G. Kumbhar, P. Hariharasakhtisudhan, A. A. M. Moshi, S. D. Jadhav, N. Kumbhar, P. Oak, P. S. Joshi


Experimental and Numerical Investigation of a Cracked Cantilever Beam for Damping Factor to Access its Applicability in the Crack Detection

V. Khalkar, S. G. Kumbhar, K. Logesh, P. Hariharasakhtisudhan, S. D. Jadhav, B. A. Danawade, S. H. Gharat, L. M. Jugulkar, J. G. Borade


Thermal Study of Two Benzotriazole Derivatives

Ana C. M. O. Lima, Ana L. R. Silva, Maria D. M.C. Ribeiro da Silva


Optimal Control of Quantum Systems by Pontryagin Maximum Principle

Nahid Binandeh Dehaghani, Fernando Lobo Pereira


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